Filing your taxes way before your deadline ends has its advantages. Around 34 million income tax returns were filed in the year 2014-2015. Rather than sitting for that deadline, where everyone would be rushing to do so, it is better to go for income tax return filing services. Peak rates have been drastically observed to increase per hour and per minute on the last day. Ideally, you should not wait to file your income taxes.

The faster you do it, the better would it would be for you. And sometimes, due to last-minute rushes, people often cannot pay their taxes, upload their income tax returns due to the crash of the server system when it goes beyond the capacity. Also, when you have less time in hand, you tend to make bigger mistakes. Here are five ways that have proven to be advantageous for filing your income tax return.

  • Try Doing It Yourself: This would be the best option that you could opt for. You could file your income tax return directly with the income-tax department. You could either file it online or you could do it physically. While doing online ensure that you are doing it from the authentic tax-department site of the government.

You could get the relevant forms online or physically from the office of the tax department. Then search for the jurisdiction you fall after filing the form. If physically, then remember to get the acknowledgment slip which would be stamped and numbered. 

  • Tax Return Preparers: If you find it difficult when it comes to doing it yourself, you could always take the help from the tax return preparers. They are appointed by the I-T department for your assistance and to guide you. They are trained to file returns for taxpayers without any error. You could locate one from your area by entering your state, city and pin code on the official website.

When you would be filing the ITR form, remember to mention the identification number, name as well as their counter signature. Many people opt for income tax return filing services as they cannot do it either online or physically. Often happens with people who are old or may not have enough online problems.    

  • E-Filing Websites: You would find various E-filing websites as well that you could opt for. You could check their e-return authorization. If you want to file on your own, you could do it freely. Also, ensure the confidentiality and the privacy of the website is appropriate, this would give you peace of mind. 
  • E-Filing Apps: As the usage of smartphones is increasing day after day, now you would find mobile apps that help you with your e-filing too. In the various apps that are there, you would find various options like tax calculators; also, you could check your refund status check. The services that these mobile apps provide you are free of cost.
  • Chartered Accountants: When you have only one source of income like your salary, filing for your tax return is not difficult. But when in the business, you have to consider tax audits, tax complexity; this is when you would be requiring a chartered accountant.

Filing the tax before the deadline has merits of its own. Avoiding the last-minute rush would be one of them. You could use any of the services mentioned above to file your income taxes return.